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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Sunday 11-7 skiing

We skied today! It felt great to get on snow again. Chuck and I skied from the Skyway parking lot to the Microwave Tower via Scales Lake Road on the groomed track. There was adequate coverage to avoid rocks and obstacles the whole way although some dodging was needed between Skyway and the snowmobile corridor. From there on out coverage was good. The classic track was melted out in a number of places throughout but those spots were easily avoided by moving onto the solid skating lane which was generally in good shape. The snow was fast which was good because I was weak. Guess I should have been doing some upper body workouts prior. Rode Super Blue worked well for kick. If we get a few more inches on top of this good base, we'll be sailing!

Full moon is Thursday so any clear night 'til then will be an irresistable opportunity for more skiing. First race is Dec. 6. No excuses for those that wait until then to get on snow!


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