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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Grooming report 1/31

John finished up Skyway/County Line late in the afternoon on Friday. Temps. warmed up nicely compared to Thurs., so expect the tilled snow to set up firm.
John may 'touch-up' at County Line with the grader this afternoon if he has enough daylight after his work with the dog sledding race at Mesa Top.

Next grooming at both Skyway/County Line and Ward will be mid-week.


Thursday, January 29, 2009

Grooming report 1/29

Skyway had 3"-4" of new snow overnight for a 52" base making it difficult for skating but good classic skiing, with afternoon temps in the upper teens.
Similar conditions at Ward with Al grooming the Ward Trail today.

Skyway/County Line will be groomed on Friday beginning around 12:30 P.M.


Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Quick Weather Update...Pick days Friday and Saturday

It was a cold day on the Mesa Tuesday with Jerry and Marci Nolan reporting -2F at 1PM. The promised warming trend is on hold for a few days.
For the next few days, a 100kt jet streak connects Alaska to Western Colorado. So Wednesday and Thursday afternoon highs offer only a little improvement (if you are an optimist) climbing to the 5-10F range along with gusty frigid NW winds. A little light snowfall is expected mainly Wednesday night, probably an inch or three.
Friday looks like a lovely bluebird day under fleeting High pressure, with sunny skies, light winds, and afternoon temperatures back into the 20s.
Saturday, NW winds begin to increase again as the next northern Pacific disturbance approaches. Afternoon highs in the 20s but it won't be as warm-feeling as Friday. 
Sunday, the cold NW flow is back. Brisk winds, some clouds and showers, and afternoon highs in the teens. Only light snow accumulations.
Then dry and mild High pressure builds in for much of next week, which should provide some lovely ski opportunities.
No weather updates will be available from me until next week when I return from the Silverton Avalanche School. See all the latest weather info, specifically for the Grand Mesa, here:

Grooming for week 1/27-31

For Skyway/County Line, Kenton will groom Wed. A.M. and if it's not too windy finish both trail systems. We will groom again either FRi. P.M. or Sat. in the morning, depending on the condition of the trails.

At Ward, Al will groom the Ward Trail on Thurs. morning.


Grand Mesa Classic Race Results and Photos!

Results and photos of the Grand Mesa 10km classic race are now posted on the GMNC website.

Direct link here:

Thanks to Jerry Nolan for the photos and fine website work!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Thundersnow on the Arctic Express

Monday is another 'blow and go' day on the Mesa with strong SW winds, light showers, and temperatures struggling into the 20s. An arctic front is languishing just north of the Roan Plateau on Monday. As the sun begins to go down, the front will begin to push south again, perhaps producing some magically scary thundersnow as it passes early Monday evening. Thundersnow can produce amazingly big local dumps, so there might be large snowfall variation.
The Mesa should get some decent snowfall Monday evening through Tuesday, favoring Powderhorn to County Line. Ward Lake trails should get less. Temperatures on Tuesday will struggle to make the teens as snow showers diminish thru the afternoon. This is that magical dendrite crystal growth temperature regime that I talked about here recently. So look for big fluffy flakes that have sharp crystals. If your skis are slow, stop for a moment and examine the beautifully branched snow flakes falling on your gloves and eyelashes. If that doesn't make you say Wow, then look around at the pattern of snow on the tree branches, or the lovely organic shapes of the drifts in the open areas. That should should make the slow skis not as bothersome.
After a cold start Wednesday, temperatures will slowly climb through the week, promising a nice upcoming weekend for skiing. Generally for Wednesday onward, the snow will be cold. But afternoon temperatures will climb into the 20s with northwest light breezes and little chance of new snowfall.

Life is short. The snow and all of us will soon be gone.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Ela Family Gets It Done!

Today marked yet another successful event in the GMNC race series. Tom or Jerry will have results posted shortly, but in the meantime, here is a tribute to the volunteers who make these fun events possible, Tom Ela and his mom, Shirley.

While Shirley greeted skiers with a smile and kept the soup hot, the rest of the Ela family raced. Bill Ela continues to show the rest of us how it's done..he's still racing (and skiing strong) at age 85. His sons Tom, Steve and Dan also raced. They're going to have to keep skiing hard if they want to keep up with their dad.

Thanks to Lee Gelatt for the photos.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Update Jan.24

This morning at 9:00 A.M. John phoned in to report it was snowing hard, and there was about 4" accumulation since yesterday. He managed to get over to County Line and completed Dog Loop and Dog Trail, and will finish up with the Arroyo and Vista loop at Skyway.


Friday, January 23, 2009

Grooming update

Today was an interesting one for grooming on the Grand Mesa. As Mojo's wx report states, rain at the 8,000' level, snow line somewhere near the Mesa lakes Lodge, and about 2" of new, wet snow at Skyway. Unfortunately for the early-birds, the snowcat wouldn't start. Not sure as to the cause, but after Kenton returned to town to round up a generator (anyone want to loan us a portable?) the PB100 was back in service and portions of Skyway/County Line were groomed.
For Sat., John will start early and finish up what didn't get done today.
Al will groom Ward in morning.


Careful Driving Up the Mesa this weekend

One thing I forgot to mention in the forecast, you will likely drive through the rain-snow line between 7k-8kft when driving up the Mesa this weekend. So you will experience a zone of very wet, very slick snow and ice going up in the morning and down in the afternoon. Remain aware and slow way down to save your vehicle and your ski trip.
Be Safe!

A Wet & White weekend

Friday morning, Powderhorn reported a wet (8:1 ratio) new 2 inches at the top of their runs, and rain at the bottom. Mesa Lakes and Trickle Park Snotels are hovering around 32F. Finally the Doppler radar is showing winds at 11,000ft MSL West at 25-30mph. So the trails are getting some new wet snow and blowing/drifting snow in some open areas.
Not alot of changes through the weekend. Temperatures cool somewhat into the 20s, and SW-W winds remain gusty, even increase somewhat. Snow amounts in the current NWS forecast seem to match up with the morning models pretty well. So not lots of accumulation. Snow production is inefficient at such mild temperatures. Big fluffy 20:1 or 25:1 champagne powder snow is made up of dendrites that grow in the 0 to 10F temperature range, and that ain't happenin' in this storm. So best guess for now is: 2-4 inches Friday, with light accumulations tonight, 1-3 inches Saturday, another break Saturday night and Sunday morning before picking up again Sunday afternoon.
Classic race forecast: fresh wet-ish snow, probably not alot falling at race time. Air Temp: 18-23F, but more important Snow Temp: 20-25F. High humidity. SW-W winds gusty in the open areas.
This is a complex storm so there are lots of ways to bust the forecast. Be adaptable and check the latest conditions and forecast here:


Thursday, January 22, 2009

Grooming plans Jan.23-25

Beginning Friday we will have something groomed at Skyway/County Line over the next 3 days. We may alternate which trails receive attention depending on snow amounts. The course for the race will be the priority for Sunday.

Ward will be groomed either Friday afternoon or Sat. morning, depending on snow and Al's schedule.


Speaking of fashion

Hey - hope you are all planning on the classic 10k this Sunday - we'll be there with the last batch of hats - there are only 11 nordic style and 9 training beanies left - all proceeds support operations/grooming. This way - you don't have to go to the mall to support our economy!

Dave Knutson
Grand Mesa Nordic Council
970.527-3969 260-3260c
Please consider the environment before printing this e-mail.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Winter Returns, In Some Fashion

Early Spring Break is over. It was wonderful skiing in the upper 30s and lower 40s on the trail. But high clouds spreading in this afternoon are a harbinger of changes to the weather pattern. The high pressure ridge will get flattened as a series of strengthening disturbances will pass over Western Colorado. For the GMNC trails, snow starts Thursday night and will likley continue into next week. Mild temperatures (-2 to -3C at 10000ft) will produce a relatively wet snow, something like 10:1 ratios. Snow accumulations are expected to be light through Friday night, perhaps increasing towards the weekend. In addition, southwest winds of 10-20 mph and gusty will cause some blowing and drifting snow.
Grooming for the famous 10k classic race on Sunday should probably be planned for early Sunday morning.l I will try to update as we get a better idea of the details. Fast Wax Salmon glide, and Rode Super Blue kick are first thoughts for waxing. Should be fun!


Weekend Pictures

Lots of folks got out for a ski this weekend. We hope you were among them...

Photos by Lee Gelatt.

Gliders kids race this Sunday

Check out our Grand Mesa Gliders blog for some pictures from last weekend.  Little Gliders did a long ski and Gliders had a game day.
This Sunday, the Gliders will compete in their first race!  The kids race is open to the public, and begins a half hour before the GMNC 10K classic.  Kids 7 and under will ski about 1/2K and kids 8-13 will ski about 2K.  Please come and join in the fun.
If you'd like to sign your child up for lessons in February (4 Saturdays from 10:00-11:30am), please email me (Annie) at, and I will send you a registration form. 

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Race Day fun upcoming, Kid's Race added

It's time to be wrapping up your final training and ski waxing for Sunday's Grand Mesa Classic. Please note that, in conjunction with the Grand Mesa Gliders Program, a Kid's Race has been added to the day's schedule at 10:30 AM prior to the main event at 11 AM. This is open to any kids 13 or younger and will feature a couple of course choices to match age and ability.

The Grand Mesa Classic is a great race for everybody, serious competitor or not. The classic style format makes everyone comfortable savoring the top-notch course for as long as it takes. Ski like the wind or plug along, there's a place for you in the string of skiers enjoying the challenge. Register in the Skyway parking lot prior to race time. Enjoy some hot soup and big cookies after. Details on the GMNC web site or contact me.

Tom Ela

What to do about problem dogs or dog problems

Just an FYI for everyone skiing at County Line and Skyway Nordic areas.

If you come across a dog that you suspect is in danger from the elements or has aggressive behavior towards other dogs or persons, if you can get the handlers license plate number, you can call Mesa County Animal Services at (303) 242-4646. They will follow up with the situation. The more information you can get the better, but a license plate number is a good start. Any persons being bitten by a dog should report this to animal services immediately.

--Sarah Shaw

Monday, January 19, 2009

Reunited and it feels so good!

My best friend Annie came up to visit for the weekend and she brought along her "Cosmic Christie" skis (as she calls them). This pair of Peltonen Cosmos was my very first pair of skate skis. In fact, it was my very first pair of Nordic skis. When I was done with them, I passed them along to Annie, because there's no better way to spread the joy than to pass your first skis to another Nordic virgin.

When Annie pulled the Cosmics out of the car, I took one look at the bases and informed her that there was no way in hell I was letting her ski on them. The bases were completely mangled, totally white from going many years without wax AND they were starting to de-laminate.

I made Annie swap skis with me and that gave me a chance to ski on the old Cosmos. Blast from the past! They were clunky, slow and as flexy as buttered noodles, but I loved every minute on them. Call me nostalgic, but the skis that made me fall I in love with skiing will always hold a special place in my heart.

Granted, I'm not itching to race on them (skiing them was like weight lifting--all muscle), but they brought back some good memories. Skiing the old Cosmos on a sunny day with my BFF and my hubby? Life doesn't get any better than this!

These were the thoughts on my mind when, back at the trailhead, Annie, Dave and I ran into Nancy Harris and her husband John. Nancy had enjoyed a marvelous ski on the most beautiful skis I'd seen on the Grand Mesa all day.

Nancy's wooden Head skis were made in Norway and purchased in Gunnison, Co in 1973 for $50, new. Instead of wax, she buffs them with graphite.

Do you have a favorite pair of old-school skis? Do you still have a soft spot for your first pair of Nordic boards? Tell me about them. Post your comment below, or email your story and photos to me at: I'll post all stories and photos here.


Sunday, January 18, 2009

Grooming for the week

For Sunday, Jan.18th, John will groom the 'outer loop' at Skyway/County Line to repair the most heavily impacted trails of the system. This will begin late in the afternoon.
No grooming is planned until later in the week at Ward or Skyway/County Line until we get a better idea of when the next storm will arrive.


Friday, January 16, 2009

Hats available Sunday

Hi fellow GMNC fanatics,
We'll be up on Grand Mesa Sunday to make hats available to you. These are Smartwool, happy New Zealand sheep, made in Canada Beanies with "GRAND MESA NORDIC" embroidered in matching colors. The double layer wool patterns are $30 and the training beanies are $20. Look for a white VW camper pop-top with a table at Skyway or County Line in the early afternoon. All proceeds to to support our operations/grooming - so far these hats are flying off the shelves - the first run sold out in 6 days. Here's a picture:

Dave Knutson
Grand Mesa Nordic Council
970.527-3969 260-3260c

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Grooming plans for this weekend

Today,(Thurs.) found the trails in great shape, with the exception of the entry area of Skyway where some pinche tonto felt the need to drive his truck and naturally got stuck leaving some large trenches to skirt as you entered the trails. Thanks to Al for taking the time to shovel and run the grader over the damaged area.
For Friday afternoon , Kenton will touch up the trails that are in need at Skyway/County Line, and Al will groom the Ward trail.
On Sunday afternoon, John will reset any trails that need it at Skyway/County Line.
Enjoy the skiing!


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Ah, sunshine at Ward Lake

DA, living the good life at Ward Lake. Trails are still in terrific shape.
thanks Al!

Grooming report 01/13

Kenton and Al finished up the grooming at Skyway/County Line and Ward.

Excellent conditions so please respect the skier etiquette signs; snowshoers hang to the outside of the skate lane in single file, skaters don't trash the classic tracks, and pick up after your dog.
If everyone gets involved, it will help in conserving our resources and better grooming when the big dumps of March hit.


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Steamboat Pentathlon

2009 Steamboat Pentathlon - March 7, 2009

Stage 1 - Alpine Skiing (400 vertical feet) Alpine skiers charge 400 feet up Howelsen Hill on foot, put on their choice of alpine, nordic, telemark or snowboard equipment & race down 400 vertical feet to the transition area to begin the snowshoe course. This course is an expert run - expect hard-packed conditions.

Stage 2 - Snowshoeing (2.5 miles) Snowshoers travel south from the transition area up "Long John" following a path through meadows and then proceeding down a beautiful winding path back to the transition area.

Stage 3 - Cross Country Skiing (4 miles) Nordic racers will traverse on an intermediate/expert mountain course on a groomed track utilizing a portion of the Häkan Spär loop and the Bluffs loop. Skiers may choose either classic or skate-skiing style.

Stage 4 - Mountain Biking (12 miles) Racers bike on a winding road which follows along the scenic Yampa River for an out-and-back course. The road remains open to traffic, so caution is of utmost importance when competing in this portion of the race. Helmets are mandatory & drafting will not be permitted. Only 26 x 1.9" or larger size tires are allowed.

Stage 5 - Running (5 miles) Racers run along a paved surface on the Yampa River Core Trail for an out-and-back course (this time on the opposite side of the river). Race participants return to the finish line in the transition area at Howelsen Hill.

For information please visit:

Or contact: Kate Warnke


Joking around...

It was a beautiful day out there and these sweet conditions should last all week.


Rex & Omega Block, Klister or Skate, SPF50!

We are in for a dry and mild weather pattern for at least the next 10 days. A strong ridge of High pressure along the West Coast has brought an end to the series of winter storms.  This West Coast ridge will work over the Great Basin by the weekend with a weak Low pressure system forming to its south. A High over a Low is the definition of a Rex block, a stagnant benign weather pattern that is usually very slow to change. But change it does next week, unfortunately into another blocking pattern called an Omega block (High pressure with Lows to it west and east). The latest models indicate this pattern may break down on the following Friday, 23 January. Yet often the models are too fast in breaking down blocking patterns.
Daytime temperatures on top of the Mesa are already milder than in the valleys, and this will continue through this week and next. By this weekend, GMNC trail temperatures may climb into the upper 30s to lower 40s in the afternoons. The trails' snow is losing its crystalline structure and becoming more rounded. Klister or fishscales will be the classic kick of choice by this weekend. Skate skiing should be marvelous! It is times like this when the tiller on the Lambert Foundation snowcat will be quite useful. The tiller can break up the old crusty snow and produce a new more malleable trail.
The trapped air in the valleys will become progressively more hazy and polluted this week and next. All the more reason to get up and ski!  Tshirt skiing in January is a wonderful thing! Just don't forget to protect any exposed skin from the combination of sun and snow with a good sunblock.
Check out the latest conditions here:

Grooming plans for the week

Plan is to groom Skyway/County Line and Ward today, Tues. Jan.14th.

Depending on conditions (additional snow, wind, snowmobiles) we will groom again on either Fri. or Sat.


Sunday, January 11, 2009

Skirts Video Posted

The Skis Not Skirts skiers had a terrific classic outing over the weekend.

Video is now posted on the skirts blog,

Next outing: Grand Mesa Classic race, 11am Sunday Jan 25 at Skyway.

Schedule and details available on the skirts site.


Skis For Kids

This last week was beautiful for skiing anywhere. In Hotchkiss, all
145 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students skied during their PE classes at
HK8 on the football field. Great fun was had by all, compliments of
Skis For Kids and Grand Mesa Nordic Council.


Wow Great Food

Skiers sure know how to eat well. Thanks for the delicious squash soup
from Dave and Jill, great dogs and homemade ketchup from Tom, awesome
cornbread from Chuck, chips and dip, delicious homemade brownies . . .

Preserve the Trails!

Except for a chance of flurries on Sunday and Monday, the Grand Mesa will not be getting any new snow for the next week, at least. Pacific storms will be blocked as a ridge of high pressure builds onto the West Coast. Expect a slow warming trend through the week with only light NW-N winds. The only reason the GMNC will need to groom is to repair trail damage.
You can help reduce grooming costs by taking care of the groomed trails. Preserve the classic track. Snowshoe to the other side of the trail so the skating lane remains in good shape. Please don't walk on the trails. Skyway is the only place on the Grand Mesa for folks who want to ski dog free. Dog owners at County Line and Ward Lake, please pick up after your pet. Pack it in pack it out, or at least bury your dog's droppings off the trail. 
If you see others damaging the trails, take a moment to educate them. If you see snowmobiles intrude into the ski trail systems, try to get their license number and call the USFS with this information. The USFS number is 242-8211.
These dry winter periods are kind of boring for downhill skiers, but can be marvelous for cross-country skiing. For a change of pace, try the Waterdog and West Bench backcountry trails. With a little care our trails will get firm and fast, and we can save grooming funds for the more active periods this winter.

Moonlit Fun

Last night's full moon campfire party was a great success. Attendees enjoyed delicious turkey posole provided by Jane and Chuck and finishers of the day's Big Bottom Show-n-Go marathon relaxed and warmed up by the fire while others returned to the fire after partaking of a moonlight ski.


Saturday, January 10, 2009

Grooming report 01-10

Skyway/County Line groomed today with 10" new snow.
Ward groomed with Al reporting 7" at the top of the Ward trail and 4" at the lower end.
Al went for the trifecta this afternoon by 'touching up' both Skyway and County Line finishing up under a rising full moon. Three trail systems in one day!

Next grooming will be either Tues. or Wed., depending on how hammered the trails get on Sun.


Thursday, January 8, 2009

Great day to be alive!

Tracks are perfect. The weather's calm...Forget work. Go skiing. You won't regret it.


Wednesday, January 7, 2009

grooming report 01-07

An absolutely beautiful day with all trails at Skyway/County Line (including the overlook loop) groomed .

Al finished grooming the Ward trail late this afternoon, which should set up nicely. He reported 'spring-like' snow conditions.

Next grooming scheduled for Sat., Jan. 10th.

Turkey Posole

Turkey posole with plenty of chile is now simmering in my imagination in
anticipation of this Saturday's Tailgate Potluck and bonfire scheduled
for Skyway at 4 p.m. or thereabouts. We'll bring a big pot of posole
stew. Hope to see lots of happy hungry skiers!
Jane McGarry

Grand Mesa Gliders - Kids Program

Grand Mesa Gliders had a great first practice at Skyway on Saturday morning. The kids had a good time playing in the newly fallen snow.

Click on our blog for more details.

We are looking for more kids to join us - we have 6 coaches and only 8 kids. So, feel free to bring the kids (ages 6-16) up to join the fun. Kids can be any level skier from never-evers to advanced. We will put them with a coach and other kids of similar ability/goals.

Also, don't let lack of equipment keep you away and if you need equipment, we can help you out. Call Annie at 623-4424.

Your wallet...

Hi gang, after reading another great grooming report - you might consider how much you are saving every time you ski on GMNC trails or take lessons from Al. We invite you to be generous with donations in the box at the trail head - here's what other areas in Colorado charge for their trails:

Resort Name Trail Fee Group lesson Cost (*indicates that trail pass is included in lesson fee)

Beaver Creek $24 $79
Breckenridge $15 $34*
Crested Butte $15 ?
Devil's Thumb $18 $35
Frisco $15 $34
Gold Run $15 $34
Grand Lake $12 $15
Keystone $11 $34
Never Summer $6 n/a
Steamboat $18 $35*
Tennessee Pass $14 $35*
Vail $8 $45*

Dave Knutson
Grand Mesa Nordic Council
970.527-3969 260-3260c

Grooming for Jan.7, '09

Plan for the day is to have Skyway/County Line groomed today(Wed.) beginning around 7:30 A.M.
Al will work on the Ward system starting late morning.

If everything goes as planned, we will wait until the next system passes and groom on Sat.


Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Two Wee Storms this Week and then a Lovely Weekend

Fellow Snow Lovers,
A messy little storm put down an estimated 4-6 inches Monday night favoring the north side of the Grand Mesa. Another few inches will fall Tuesday night. One problem for our dedicated groomers, northwest winds will increase Tuesday night with gusts to around 40 mph in the open areas. These winds and the snowfall will diminish by early Wednesday, but there will be snow dunes to be tamed.
Thursday, fleeting high pressure scurries across Colorado. The valleys will likely be colder than the Mesa top, perhaps even climbing into the 30s on our trails. Winds will be light in the morning and increase somewhat in the afternoon and overnight.
Friday-Friday night, the next unimpressive Pacific trough passes over the Rockies. This storm is doing the dreaded splits, with its available energy going north and south of us. The cold front is currently timed to pass in the afternoon producing a few inches of new snowfall. Confidence is low on forecast details for this storm.
Whatever snowfall should be over in time for Saturday's Big Bottom Marathon. A cold north breeze and temperatures perhaps cracking 20 degrees will keep the participants from overheating. A cold glide wax will be a big help.
Then look for a slow warming trend and dry conditions into next week.
I am taking the rest of this week off, so get your updated forecasts and current conditions for our trails here

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Found: Ski Poles at County Line

Found: ski poles at county line trail head. Email description and contact info to: to arrange to get them back.

Skyway Skuffle Results and Photos

Race results with pictures and video are posted.

Here's a direct link to Skyway Skuffle results:

Tom and Jerry

GMNC Skyway/County Line/Ward Grooming report

Sunday, 04 Jan 09
Kenton completed grooming the Skyway and County Line system today. The trails groomed yesterday may have an inch of new snow on them. No additional grooming at the Ward Lake system today. Next grooming will probably be Wednesday morning after the forecast storm on Monday night through Tuesday night.
Jerry Evans

Big Bottom Marathon and moonlight skiing upcoming

The Big Bottom Show-and-Go 42K Marathon is upcoming at 10:30 AM on Saturday January 10th at Skyway. This is an un-sponsored group "race", self-timed and self-supported. There will be set a course posted but you can still ski with us and ski less if you're not up to the full distance. Suggested group start time is 10:30 AM but start when you like as needed to complete the course. Just make sure to sign in and out so that we can keep track of people. Remember, this is a marathon distance so carry some sustenance and appropriate clothing and stay hydrated. Hypothermia is a particular threat and you are responsible for your own safety! Consider joining the GMNC Tailgate Party afterwards at 4 PM.

This month's full moon falls on Sunday Jan. 11 so all of this week there is opportunity for moonlight skiing improving each night until the weekend. Remember that, as always, you are responsible for your own safety when skiing on Grand Mesa so ski with a group, stay hydrated, dress appropriately, carry a headlamp for emergencies and understand that obstacles will be less apparent in the dark. Consider joining the GMNC Tailgate Party before dark in the Skyway parking lot on Saturday Jan. 10.

Tom Ela

GMNC Tailgate at Skyway

Put the GMNC Tailgate Party on your schedule! Everyone is invited. We plan to gather in the Skyway parkling lot at approximately 4 PM on Saturday January 10. There will be a table with a two-burner gas stove and a gas grill avaible for everyone's use as well as a pot of hot water. Bring your own food, utensils and hot drink mixes and enjoy the company. We'll have a fire going, too, to take the chill off. The moon will be almost full so consider some moonlight skiing after dark or consider skiing the Big Bottom Show-and-Go 42K Marathon earlier in the day.

Tom Ela

Saturday, January 3, 2009

GMNC Skyway/County Line Grooming report

Saturday, 03 Jan 09
Jon groomed Winslow, Sunset, Lyons, Kanna Crossing, Dog Loop and part of Loop 3 with the snowcat this afternoon to set up a hard base for tomorrow. Kenton will groom tomorrow morning on the remaining trails and do touch up on the trails Jon did today.
Jerry Evans

03 Jan 09 GMNC Ward Lake Trails Grooming report

Saturday, 03 Jan 09
4-5 inches new snow at the upper Ward trail head today. Al groomed the main Ward trail this afternoon. He packed new snow from today, repaired snow mobile damage, and set new tracks. The tracks should set up well under tonight's cold conditions and not receive much more new snow tonight.
Jerry Evans

Friday, January 2, 2009

02 Jan 09 GMNC Ward Lake Trails Grooming report

Friday, 02 Jan 09
No grooming at Ward Lake today. Al plans to groom tomorrow afternoon after most of the snowstorm passes, so the tracks can set up during the cold conditions on Saturday night.
Jerry Evans

GMNC Skyway/County Line Grooming report

Friday, 02 Jan 09
No new grooming today as trails remained in good shape and a new snowstorm comes in late tonight and early tomorrow. Grooming is planned for tomorrow afternoon after the bulk of snow arrives midday tomorrow, with additional grooming Sunday morning as necessary for lessons and Sunday general skiing.
Jerry Evans

Fresh Air! Fresh Snow!

After over a week of cold, stagnant air in the valleys, a cold front is approaching. This front looks strong enough to scour out the valleys and give us a breath of fresh air. (As often happens in Colorado valleys in the winter, it takes a cold front for us to warm up!) We have been fortunate to have milder temperatures and fresh air up on the GMNC trails this week. Remember to thank the groomers, Kenton, Jon, Al, for producing such great tracks. Skiing was great on Friday.
Grand Mesa snow starts Friday night, but the big accumulation comes with and after frontal passage Saturday morning. So if you choose to ski on Saturday, expect strong gusty SW winds mixed with snow in the morning, then a burst of snow between 10AM & noon with frontal passage. Then snow will be heavy at times becoming more showery in nature through the afternoon. Breezy N-NW winds will continue into the evening. Latest models indicate, any grooming done Saturday will get covered up pretty quick. Snowfall and breezes will end in Saturday evening, allowing for cold temperatures overnight. Sunday will be a great ski day if you are prepared for the cold and enjoy slow squeeky snow.   Temperatures will come up some on Monday, but the next Pacific trough of Low pressure brings more snow Monday night through Tuesday night, perhaps lingering into Wednesday. And another storm is being watched for next weekend.


Thursday, January 1, 2009

01 Jan 09 GMNC Ward Lake Trails Grooming report

Al groomed at Ward Lake this afternoon. Next grooming at the Ward area trails tentatively planned for Saturday after forecast storm on Friday night. Twilight parking area is currently plowed allowing access to some telemarking and the upper Ward trail head parking area has enough space for about six vehicles. Also, if you are planning a snowshoe trek, please try to avoid snowshoeing on the set parallel classic ski tracks, both to preserve the tracks and make for easier snowshoeing.
Jerry Evans

GMNC Skyway/County Line Grooming report

Jon groomed at County Line this morning to smooth out the trails. Skyway trails have good skiing conditions; currently, next grooming is planned Saturday morning after the forecast storm on Friday night.
Jerry Evans

Dogs Will Be Dogs

Photo by
Lee Gelatt

Dogs will be dogs, so it's up to their people friends to do the right thing.

Please, please, please--scoop the poop when you ski the dog loop!

Acceptable ways to deal with a dog dump:
1) use one of the bags provided at the trailhead to pick up the poop, then take it out with you.
2) scoop the poop, bury it completely off- trail under a heavy layer of snow

No! Bad human!!
1) leaving the poop in the trail. (oh, and just wait until the groomer comes along and spreads it all over the trail!)
2) bagging the poop, then leaving it along the trail or at the trailhead.

Please note--just because you don't see your dog drop the turd does not mean you're not responsible for the mess. That's just one more reason why you must keep your furry friend in sight at all times.

And thank you for helping us keep Skyway dog-free.