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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Stormy Weather Continues...Pick Days are Sunday Monday and Tuesday

Wow, what a weather pattern! March went out like a Lion and April is following the trend.
If you didn't get up top to ski last weekend or on Tuesday, you missed out on a real treat. The GMNC groomers prepared beautiful tracks and the snow was just spectacular. You have opportunities this weekend and next weekend to enjoy our groomed trails before we retire the snowcat and let crust skiing season dominate.
The next winter storm starts gusty wind and snow over the Mesa on Friday, but the big dump is forecast for Friday night through Saturday evening. The culprit is a Pacific upper level Low that moves right over the Grand Mesa Saturday morning. Expect storm totals of 10 to 20 inches of freshies by Sunday morning.
'In between' weather on Monday and Tuesday will also provide some nice skiing days. With sunset around 8PM, there is plenty of time for a ski after work.
The next Pacific storm system sweeps the region on Wednesday and Thursday. Yet another looks to pass on Easter weekend.
I love Powderhorn skiing, and they had a great season at the resort. But the GMNC started earlier and will go two weeks later than our downhill friends.    

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