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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

January 27 Grooming Report

SNOW, SNOW, SNOW.  Well, it snowed all today on the Mesa -- those of you who did your snow dance a couple of weeks ago are being rewarded ten times over now.  Jon did pack out the following trails, although they were pretty much covered within the hour:  Winslow, Sunset, Scales Lake, Loop 3, Dog Loop, Loop 2 (top), Kannah Crossing and Vista (Ridge only).  He also groomed out our race course for the sprint races coming up on Saturday.  Jon will be back up tomorrow late morning to keep working on the race course, as well as packing out the rest of the trails.  The snow looks to clear out by tomorrow afternoon, and then Friday and Saturday are looking pretty good -- partly to mostly sunny with highs in the upper 20s.  The grooming plan through the weekend is for him to groom out everything Friday afternoon into early evening, let the snow set up, come back on Saturday to groom the race course, and our high traffic trails.  And Al will be in Sunday morning to groom out the course for Sunday's race and touch up as well.  There is a chance of snow on Sunday, but right now, it looks like we'll get the race in before the snow starts falling again. 

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  1. I hope this does not appear too picky or selfish, but as frequent backcountry skiers on the Mesa as well as groomed trail users and members of the council, I have noticed that over the last two seasons, there is rarely a reference to new snow accumulations by way of actual measurements or overall snow depth (base.)We use to obtain that information regularly from this website. Have they quit taking any measurements or are they just not bothering to report? We use that information to make decisions about where to ski and to prepare for the kinds of conditions we may find. Would you please consider making it available on a regular basis?