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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Heart Throb 50K Approachs

Been getting your K's in? Hope so because the next unofficial "Show-n-Go" marathon is Sunday, Feb. 8. This is the Heart Throb 50K at Skyway. It's a no-fee no-support all-fun casual ski with scheduled time for the clock to be started at 10:30 AM. Sign in (AND SIGN OUT!) and record your time when you're done whether you ski 50K or 25K or something in between. The course is two loops of the Skyway-County Line perimeter plus twice around Lions Loop.
Remember this is self-supported so make plans to keep yourself hydrated, well fed and adequately clothed. Slacking on any of those three can result in dangerous hypothermia and/or serious bonking. Come prepared to finish safe and smiling!


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