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Friday, February 6, 2009

Volunteer Ski Hosts Wanted!

To protect our groomed trails, welcome new skiers, and share our knowledge of good trail practices on Grand Mesa, consider becoming a Ski Host or Ambassador on the mesa trailheads some weekend this month or next. All you have to do is spend a little time at County Line, Ward Lake, or Skyway trailhead on a Saturday or Sunday, to:

* greet skiers and snowshoers
* encourage newcomers to become members of GMNC
* and hand out GMNC trail etiquette cards. It's fun!

Volunteers this year report that most folks they meet on the mesa are happy to chat and grateful to the Nordic Council for the fantastic trails.

Please email me, Jane McGarry, at if you'd like to help out. Added bonus: if you volunteer 8 hours or more over the season, you'll get a thank-you gift like the cool GMNC hat modeled by Pip in the picture, or a nice GMNC fleece vest.

thanks, volunteers!


  1. I have been trying to educate snowshoers as I skate along, but they seem to be aware of the single file rule, they just don't appear to want to follow it. I am so frustrated when I generously donate to the grooming fund to see them tear it up in one walk????

  2. Yes, I too often feel really frustrated by this situation. I'd love to hear more ideas and suggestions about what we skaters and skiers can do . . . thanks for writing. And if you want to keep a dialogue going, contact me at Would you like to have some "trail etiquette" cards in your pocket to pass out when you chat with snowshoers?