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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Three More Winter Storms...Pick Day is Sunday

With a broad trough of Low pressure over the western states, we are open to Pacific storms. Timing of these storms: 1) Thursday afternoon-Friday,  2) Saturday-Saturday night,  3) Monday night-Tuesday.
Each of these storms look to produce something like 3-8 inches. Afternoon temperatures will be in the upper teens to mid 20s, with some gusty SW winds through the weekend.
Little to no snow is expected on Sunday and afternoon temperatures should climb into the mid-upper 20s. So this is looking like the nicest ski day.
But I liked what Tom Ela said here recently: don't trust the weather forecaster! Carry some extra clothes and at least a pair of classic skis with you, even if you want to skate. It is always a pleasure up top, sometimes just different than what you, or I, were expecting.

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