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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

2008-2009 Race Series Winners

Another wonderful Grand Mesa racing season came to a close with the March 14 Mesa Meltdown races and the 2008-2009 Point Series winners were crowned. Dave Aschwanden and Suzi Evans took home the honors and the great LOKI outdoor gear Grand Prizes. The mix of races through the season tests consistency, technique, speed and endurance and these two came out on top. Last year's winner Helen Carlsen pushed Suzi in all of the races but kept coming in a notch behind to capture second in the overall standings. Al Fournier won the 50's age group but couldn't ever catch the youngster to move up from second male overall. A large contingent of citizen racers followed these top dogs, all happy to be out there challenging themselves, getting some fresh air and exercise and enjoying the homemade soup.

These were the Age Group Winners:
Females Maddy Pill-Kastens (<10), Brooke Bosman (<20), Christie Aschwanden (30's), Helen Carlsen (40's) and Suzi Evans (50's).
Males Tre Anastasia (<20), Patrick Aschwanden, Terray Sylvester and Adam Cadez-Schmidt (20's), Denis Reich (30's), Dave Aschwanden (40's), Al Fournier (50's), Jean Jacques d'Aquin (60's), Tom Jones (70's) and yes! Bill Ela (80's).
Great racing, all of you!

Special thanks to Shirley Ela, head soup server and registrar, Bill Ela, chief of clean-up, groomers and course setters Kenton Shaw and Jon Canty, and official timers Terry Brown, Leslie Broadhead, Bryon Lawrence and Joan Dennan. Rest up, we'll do it all over again next year!

Full results should be on the web site soon.


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