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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

weather outlook... or alms for Ullr

Last Friday I promised you a winter storm this Thursday that would produce some good snowfall.  This is not to be.
Now some of the NWS forecasters are talking about a perisistent long-wave western ridge, and geeky stuff like forecast model performance during transitional periods. But you and I know in our heart of hearts the norse god of skiing, Ullr, is unhappy with us! If you have not yet "made a spontaneous, kind-hearted donation to GMNC" here is your opportunity to bring winter back to the GMNC trails!
The outlook is for breezy and mild conditions to continue through Thursday. There is a chance of snowfall starting on Friday and into the weekend. The current forecast models do not produce much snow over the Grand Mesa through the weekend, but alms to Ullr could change all that!
Cuurent forecast for the Barnelopet, is cloudy with a slight chance of only light snow. Breezy SW winds in the open areas will gust to 20 mph or so. Temperatures in the low-mid 20s.
But be flexible, bring some extra clothes for your child, and watch the current conditions and evolving forecast here




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