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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Yipeeee! Crust Skiing comes early.

Wow! What an incredible day. I got to County Line about 11am hoping there might be a nice crust, but assuming that I'd arrived too late to take advantage. Was I wrong!

The snow off-trail at County Line/Skyway had developed a wonderfully hard crust, perfect for skating. For nearly an hour, I went crazy, skiing anywhere and everywhere.

That's the thing about crust, it's nature's equivalent of groomed hardpack. Instead of slogging through deep snow off-trail, you can glide wherever your heart desires.

By noon, the crust was getting soft enough that I was punching through the crust in sunny spots, so I skied back on the groomed trails, which remained in excellent shape--hard and fast. The grooming is holding up well.

With a new weather system rolling in soon, the crust may not last. Enjoy now.


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