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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Spring Version of Winter... Saturday is The Pick Day

After last week's big warm High Pressure, winter weather has returned to the Grand Mesa. Sunday's big winds put a lot of dust on the snowpack, that may have implications for our crust skiing in April and May, and speed up the snowmelt in May and June. For now, that dust layer has been buried under more than a foot of new snow.
Light snowfall will grace our trails Wednesday. A larger amount of snow will fall on Thursday along with gusty NW winds. This storm is arriving from north of the Aleutian Islands tracking north to south through Utah. The Grand Mesa is on the western edge of the best forcing with the cold front passing in the morning. Another foot of snowfall is possible by late Thursday night.
This will bring wonderful skiing weather for Friday and Saturday. Friday will be cool with highs in the low-mid 20s, perhaps a wonderful waxed-classic ski day. Saturday should see high temperatures around 32 degrees, for fast skating or fishscale classic.
This progressive and active pattern looks to continue into early next week at least, with windy snow storms passing on Sunday and a stronger one on Tuesday.



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