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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Preserve the Trails!

Except for a chance of flurries on Sunday and Monday, the Grand Mesa will not be getting any new snow for the next week, at least. Pacific storms will be blocked as a ridge of high pressure builds onto the West Coast. Expect a slow warming trend through the week with only light NW-N winds. The only reason the GMNC will need to groom is to repair trail damage.
You can help reduce grooming costs by taking care of the groomed trails. Preserve the classic track. Snowshoe to the other side of the trail so the skating lane remains in good shape. Please don't walk on the trails. Skyway is the only place on the Grand Mesa for folks who want to ski dog free. Dog owners at County Line and Ward Lake, please pick up after your pet. Pack it in pack it out, or at least bury your dog's droppings off the trail. 
If you see others damaging the trails, take a moment to educate them. If you see snowmobiles intrude into the ski trail systems, try to get their license number and call the USFS with this information. The USFS number is 242-8211.
These dry winter periods are kind of boring for downhill skiers, but can be marvelous for cross-country skiing. For a change of pace, try the Waterdog and West Bench backcountry trails. With a little care our trails will get firm and fast, and we can save grooming funds for the more active periods this winter.

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