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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Dogs Will Be Dogs

Photo by
Lee Gelatt

Dogs will be dogs, so it's up to their people friends to do the right thing.

Please, please, please--scoop the poop when you ski the dog loop!

Acceptable ways to deal with a dog dump:
1) use one of the bags provided at the trailhead to pick up the poop, then take it out with you.
2) scoop the poop, bury it completely off- trail under a heavy layer of snow

No! Bad human!!
1) leaving the poop in the trail. (oh, and just wait until the groomer comes along and spreads it all over the trail!)
2) bagging the poop, then leaving it along the trail or at the trailhead.

Please note--just because you don't see your dog drop the turd does not mean you're not responsible for the mess. That's just one more reason why you must keep your furry friend in sight at all times.

And thank you for helping us keep Skyway dog-free.


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