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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Big Bottom Marathon and moonlight skiing upcoming

The Big Bottom Show-and-Go 42K Marathon is upcoming at 10:30 AM on Saturday January 10th at Skyway. This is an un-sponsored group "race", self-timed and self-supported. There will be set a course posted but you can still ski with us and ski less if you're not up to the full distance. Suggested group start time is 10:30 AM but start when you like as needed to complete the course. Just make sure to sign in and out so that we can keep track of people. Remember, this is a marathon distance so carry some sustenance and appropriate clothing and stay hydrated. Hypothermia is a particular threat and you are responsible for your own safety! Consider joining the GMNC Tailgate Party afterwards at 4 PM.

This month's full moon falls on Sunday Jan. 11 so all of this week there is opportunity for moonlight skiing improving each night until the weekend. Remember that, as always, you are responsible for your own safety when skiing on Grand Mesa so ski with a group, stay hydrated, dress appropriately, carry a headlamp for emergencies and understand that obstacles will be less apparent in the dark. Consider joining the GMNC Tailgate Party before dark in the Skyway parking lot on Saturday Jan. 10.

Tom Ela

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