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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Winter Returns, In Some Fashion

Early Spring Break is over. It was wonderful skiing in the upper 30s and lower 40s on the trail. But high clouds spreading in this afternoon are a harbinger of changes to the weather pattern. The high pressure ridge will get flattened as a series of strengthening disturbances will pass over Western Colorado. For the GMNC trails, snow starts Thursday night and will likley continue into next week. Mild temperatures (-2 to -3C at 10000ft) will produce a relatively wet snow, something like 10:1 ratios. Snow accumulations are expected to be light through Friday night, perhaps increasing towards the weekend. In addition, southwest winds of 10-20 mph and gusty will cause some blowing and drifting snow.
Grooming for the famous 10k classic race on Sunday should probably be planned for early Sunday morning.l I will try to update as we get a better idea of the details. Fast Wax Salmon glide, and Rode Super Blue kick are first thoughts for waxing. Should be fun!


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