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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Chance of Snow, Then Snow

I will never forget the moment I realized the taste sensation created by pairing chocolate and red wine. Two loves of mine, better together. 

Which is sort of how I felt when I discovered this marvelous poem by the writer Katie Alvord, "Chance of Snow, Then Snow." (read it here:

Snow, weather, poetry, ah....nirvana!

Katie's piece is a found poem composed entirely of forecast phrases from NOAA Weather Radio and inspired, during a blizzard, by the rhythmic reporting of snow variations on her local weather radio station. (She lives and Nordic skis in Michigan.) 

Thinking her local NOAA forecasters might enjoy the poem, Katie e-mailed it to the National Weather Service office in Marquette. Imagine her surprise when they wrote back with an audio recording of her poem, read by that NOAA radio voice we all know and love!

Listen here:


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