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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Wednesday December 29 grooming report

I'm still working on how to insert full grooming report into blog, so bear with me, while I continue tweaking.  It is attached in PDF form for e-mail recipients.  Kenton and I had a very peaceful morning out grooming the trails -- only 3 cars in the parking lot when we finished at 11 a.m!  Kenton, thanks for your good work today!  When I left at 12:30, there was about 9 inches of new snow, and we may still get a few more tonight.  A majority of trails were groomed this morning including Sunset/Winslow, Lion's Loop, Scales Lake, Loop 3, Dog Loop, and Kannah Crossing.  Jon will be grooming tomorrow starting at 7 a.m., and will be grooming the entire track system.  He will be back at it Friday afternoon/evening starting at 2 pm to get the race course ready.  The track is a bit soft in the middle for skating, because snow is very dry, but classic tracks are perfect.  Enjoy the end of 2009 with some of the best skiing of the year!

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