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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Winterstart, Again

It's always a crapshoot scheduling a ski race in early December. We've had a long streak of wins (some just barely) but today we struck out. The WinterStart Races today were postponed due to limited open trails and blizzard conditions on them. We hated to make this call especially for the people who travelled for the event but, besides the guarantee of being a pure unfun slog through drifting snow, we considered the risk of lost or seriously frostbitten racers to be too great. Add to that the fact that I would have had to ask my stalwart volunteer timers to stand out there in that blast stationary for an hour trying to record results. Anyway, sincere apologies for the inconvenience! Please try again for the rescheduled WinterStart, same times, same format, and different weather next Sunday:
Sunday, December 13
5K Classic at 11 AM
5K Freestyle at 12:30 PM
We should have a healthy helping of new snow by then which should allow us to open the trails that are sheltered in the trees. That gives us the option of racing under any conditions. We'll hope for a nice day anyway. Stay tuned to the blog for any updates and feel free to call or send a message if you have questions. Thanks!
Tom Ela 

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