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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Updated link to Skyway weather station

CAIC just informed me that the "Grand Mesa - Skyway Point" data are now available on their public website, at:

The Grand Mesa - Skyway Point site is found under the list of Grand Mesa sites down in the middle of that page.   (There are dozens of other weather data sites available on this page too - the best compilation I know of).  This page is intended to be navigable from the CAIC's home page from the Observations drop down in the upper left corner, by clicking the  "Weather Stations by Zone" button.  That navigation is apparently working with Firefox of Chrome browsers, but it's not working with Explorer (I just tried).  Fortunately, the direct link shown above does work in Explorer.

Near the top of that Weather Stations by Zone page there's a box for specifying the units for the data - imperial or metric.  The data column headers have explanatory popups when you mouse over them.

Once people find the "Grand Mesa - Skyway Point" row in the database they can see the data in this tabular presentation, or they can click the site name and then graphs of the data over the past ~48 hours will show up.  The graphs are very neat.

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