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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Weekend Weather Update


The question circulating amongst West Slope weather forecasters: "Is
there a correlation between GMNC races and big snow storms?"
Just like last weekend, another blowy snowy storm is bearing down on
Western Colorado. Also like last weekend, the storm will be strongest
over the San Juan mountains, but the Grand Mesa will get its fair share.

Strong SW winds are already gusting this Saturday morning, and will
only increase tonight and Sunday. Snowfall will also increase tonight.
The National Weather Service point forecast for the GMNC trails has an
overnight low temperature of 10F. With the clouds and winds, this may
be a bit cold.

Winterstart forecast:
Cloudy with snow and blowing/drifting snow. Areas of fog.
Air and snow temperature 15-19F
RH 85-95% (do you believe in fluoros?)
Winds from the SW
in the deep trees...4-8mph with gusts to 15mph
open areas...10-20mph with gusts to 35mph.

So whats a few breezes and drifts to a bunch of hardy GMNCers? Dress
like Anita Evans (in layers with a balaclava) and you will be fine.

Downhill skiers and water users all over Western Colorado are very
appreciative to the GMNC for bringing these big wet storms to the


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