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Thursday, February 25, 2010

20 Year Party Saturday (2/27) 4pm Skyway

Hi Winter Lovers!
Our 20th anniversary party for GMNC is getting closer. Here's an update including plans on what to bring and thoughts on the weather forecast. First, weather: we expect some wind and snow building late afternoon on Saturday continuing into Sunday morning. We'd suggest that you plan on skiing early afternoon then join us for soup/tortillas at 4 p.m. after you finish skiing. If you are absolutely set on trying to have a moonlight ski - we'd suggest having headlamps since there will be a cloud cover AND more importantly, if the snow starts coming in heavy, CDOT quits plowing at 7 p.m.  Your moonlight ski could pose "getting off the Mesa" problems with road conditions. We want people to be safe out there so our suggestion is to ski prior to the party.

Please bring your favorite beverage, cup, bowl, spoon and pack up snacks or dessert to add to the soup and tortillas that are generously provided by the Palisade Cafe and Grill. We'll have hot chocolate and tea available PLUS a warming fire and plenty of good company. Hope to see you there!

Dave Knutson
Fundraising Volunteer
Grand Mesa Nordic Council
970.527-3969 260-3260c

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