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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Grooming update February 21

As many of you know, CDOT closed the road all day today because of an avalanche and the mitigation they needed to take to insure safety for Highway 65.  We are anticipating them re-opening it tomorrow.  Snow is supposed to taper off by tomorrow afternoon, so we are sending both Al and Jon up tomorrow afternoon at 1 pm (if road is open) to start on Skyway/County Line grooming.  Please be patient during this time as there is around 3 feet of new snow and considerable drifiting, so it will take us many hours to get the trails in skiable condition.  Jon will be back up on Tuesday morning to finish up the rest,  and Al will re-groom  Ward on Tuesday afternoon.  We anticipate some good weather for Tuesday into Thursday, and will re-groom both areas Friday afternoon for the weekend, pending any change in weather forecast. 

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