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Friday, December 5, 2008

Beautiful Weather for the Weekend

High pressure is building in from the west over the weekend for very mild and nice ski weather. Saturday morning will start out cold on the ski trails, somewhere in the teens. But as the sun comes up, the temperatures will quickly modify. By the 11AM start time of the Winterstart race, temperatures will climb above freezing. Snow temperature will lag though. With a low sun angle and some thin high cloud shielding the snow, snow temperatures will remain in the 20s. So a blue kick wax, perhaps a red wax in your small kick zone (a few inches on either side of your toe), should work well. Any old cold to somewhat cold glide wax should work, well with cold snow pockets expected in the trees and Arroyo bottom. Humidity will be low, which means inexpensive carbon waxes will work best (reason number 587 I love our trails!). It will be somewhere around the mid 30s in time for the skate race. Winds will be light from the northwest that should not create any drifting problems through the weekend.
Sunday, another beautiful day for Skis Not Skirts and adult lessons. I am going to get some tips from Al, and at $15/person/lesson it is The lesson bargain. Al is a great and knowledgable skier with coaching experience, and he is a very nice guy to boot. Temperatures will be milder than Saturday, perhaps climbing to near 40 for the lessons. A soft kick wax should still work, red-ish maybe, if we are doing classic lessons.
Another Pacific open trough passes on Monday favoring the northern Colorado mountains. The current forecast gives the Grand Mesa another 1-5 inches of snow by Tuesday morning. Then dry for the remainder of the week.  As always the latest observations and forecasts are right here   

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