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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Stormy December Continues

I just have to mention, that as the Climate Focal Point for the National Weather Service in Grand Junction, I forecasted a dry November and February, and a wet December and January (see the outlook posted back on 2September). How am I doing so far? :~}
This is a major hassle for our trails and groomers, but it is great for the downhill ski areas, and all of us who plan to drink water, eat, grow food, or water our lawns  in 2009.
Active weather will continue for the remainder of December, with 4 storms being resolved.
Storm 1, Today-Thursday: SW flow aloft doesn't favor the Grand Mesa, but this storm is plenty moist. Relatively warm moist air works over Western Colorado today and tonight. Light accumulations expected today-tonight something like 4-10 inches, favoring Ward Lake trails to the County Line, less down at Powderhorn. But the winds will be gusty and strong, especially on the north side of the Mesa and Powderhorn. Then the cold front pushes through on Thursday and will produce another 4-10 inches with Powderhorn finally getting their fair share.
A break Thursday night into Friday looks like a good time for grooming to open up a few of the trails.
Storm 2, Late Friday Night-Saturday Night: this storm starts out in west flow but veers to northwest quickly, and is colder than storm #1. Better snow amounts expected with this storm 6-12 inches favoring Skyway, County Line and Powderhorn, less at Ward Lake.
Sunday: snows will diminish but not end. Snow accumulation Trace-2 inches.
Storm3, Monday-Tuesday:  8-14 inches.
Storm 4: Thursday/Christmas-Friday: a bunch more.
So please bear with the GMNC as we try to maximize grooming efficiency through this stormy period. It is a great time to use your backcountry skis or visit Powderhorn.

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