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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Sleds at Skyway and County Line Trailheads

In the event you encounter an ill or injured skier unable to ski back to the parking lot, sleds are available to assist. 
Give some thought to how you would react if you encountered an ill or injured skier.  Many of us who ski frequently have encountered other skiers in need of help.
Some considerations:
1.  Enlist help from other skiers.  Can you or someone else administer first aid?
2.  Call 911 if warranted (Need to get to parking lot for connectivity)
3.  Keep the person warm.  Use sleds to bring warming blankets from the survival kit in your car.
4.  If possible, enlist help from snowmachine operator.
5.  Strong skiers can use sled to evacuate injured to parking lot.
This year the kayak sled is located at Skyway.  It's next to our snowmobiles.  The homemade wood sled has been replaced with a plastic sled.  The plastic sled is lighter and more stable.  The wood sled has been retired.  The new plastic sled is located at the County Line trailhead.
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