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Thursday, December 11, 2008

One More Nice Day...then Beware!

Holy Moly this is going to be a big storm! Thursday is The Pick Day for skiing for the next week, with Friday number two. Then it is Blizzard time. The National Weather Service will be issuing Warnings in the next day or two.
Thursday should be lovely with mild temperatures, light winds, and sunshine. Friday, clouds and wind will be on the increase with light snow showers starting in the afternoon. Saturday, a very strong cold front will approach. It will be brutal on top with southwest winds increasing to 50 mph in exposed areas by the afternoon. Winds will be even stronger on the north side of the Mesa from Powderhorn upward. It may be white-out conditions up there, with the potential for trees falling across the trails. This is especially true for Waterdog and West Bench backcountry trails.  
Saturday will be an awful, even dangerous, day to ski.  I am recommending our groomers not even go up on Saturday. 
You shouldn't either.
The cold front will pass Saturday night. The winds will subside on Sunday shifting to northwest, but it will remain cold and snowy. High temperatures on Sunday may not make the double digits. Skiing conditions Sunday will most likely be backcountry. Snow fall will continue off and on (mostly on) through Wednesday. The highway may be closed at times due to avalanche danger. Best rough estimate for now is 2-4 feet of new snow by Thursday.
Even with the Lambert Foundation snowcat, and some of the best, most-dedicated groomers in the Rockies, we will have a hard time keeping the trials groomed or even open after Friday. Stay tuned here for the latest trail and snow information.
If you must ski this weekend, be prepared for extreme weather. Carry a shovel, sleeping bag, and survival kit in your car. Ski with care, with extra clothing, and a good sense of your location and your strength. Be nice to your dog and leave her at home.


  1. Is it going to be too cloudy to full moon ski tonight? I looks like it is supposed to be pretty darn cold.


  2. It will be a lovely evening for skiing. Expect temps in the 20s before 10PM, perhaps upper teens in the cold places like the bottom of Arroyo. Moonlight skis feel colder with no solar gain. Enjoy