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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Grooming report 12/19

We all need to give our grooming crew a collective 'thank you' for the hard work they put in on friday. Kenton and Al packed and graded Sunset/winslow; Kenton continued grooming Lions and the drifted in portion of Scales with the snocat; Al moved to Ward and knocked that out from the top to the lower parking area; then Jon worked the P.M. shift(after wrenching on some of our equipment) and ran the 'cat to County Line and groomed Scales, Dog, and the Dog loop. All this on 30" of new snow.
Plan for today (Sat.12/20) is to have Kenton continue to work the Skyway/County Line system.
Plan for Sun.; continue grooming both Skyway/county Line and Ward.


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