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Monday, December 1, 2008

GMNC Racing Real and Virtual

December is here, which for the GMNC means racing! If you're intimidated by real racing, try Virtual Racing. Here are the details for both:

Real racing begins Saturday Dec. 6 at Skyway on Grand Mesa. This is both our first race and Colorado's first race of the season. There is a 5K classic-style-only race at 11 AM followed by a 5K freestyle race at 12:30. Registration is race day only in the parking lot prior to racetime. Ski one or ski them both for the same price, $10 for GMNC members, $15 for others. Grand Mesa racing is focussed on citizen racing. We try to make sure all ages and abilities feel comfortable joining in and testing themselves against the course and the clock. No matter how fast or how slow you are, there is almost always someone else of similar ability to have some friendly competition with. Reward yourself afterwards and refuel with some hot soup and cocoa.

Virtual Racing starts today, Dec. 1! Virtual Racing is actually an on-line log where you can keep track of the kilometers you ski for three months, December, January and February, and at the same time view all of your fellow virtual racers' accumulation of K's. It's open to all skiers whether you ski on Grand Mesa or elsewhere. This is great motivation to ski a little more and achieve greater fitness. Pick a target and shoot for it. It's easy: go to the GMNC home page at and click the "Real Skiing, Virtual Racing" link. Create an account by choosing a real or virtual name and add a password. Each time you ski, log-in and edit your log by adding your newest mileage. Give me a call if you need help with it.

Here's to enjoying a long and invigorating season!

Tom Ela

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