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Monday, December 22, 2008

Storm Update

Monday Afternoon Weather Update: its blowing and going on our trails today! This morning Powderhorn reported 3 inches new and wind gusts to 50 mph (how did they measure that 3 inches when its moving sideways? Poor ski patrol). At 2PM the automated weather towers on top indicate that 7 inches had fallen at Mesa Lakes and 9-10 inches at Trickle Park Reservoir. And this is just the beginning of the storm. The cold front will slam into the Mesa around midnight with associated heavy snowfall that will linger through Tuesday. The snow will end Tuesday evening with at least another foot of powder left in its wake, perhaps more from Powderhorn to Mesa Lakes. Near zeroF can be expected again Wednesday morning.
The next storm is right on its heals. SW winds increase through the day on Wednesday, and become strong Wednesday night and Christmas. Christmas day winds will be 30-40mph in open areas, with gusts to 50mph or more from Mesa Lakes down to Powderhorn. The next cold front brings heavy snowfall again Thursday night and Friday with another foot or two of snowfall possible by Friday evening.
After a cold Saturday morning (probably below zeroF), we finally get a break in the storms. The mountain-top flow turns from NW on Saturday to a mild (less cold) SW flow beginning Sunday. Little to no snowfall is expected into the new week with afternoon temperatures reaching the 20s; perfect blue-wax skiing. The latest model runs are advertising the next storm for New Year's.
After a very dry November, we have caught up and passed average snowfall on the Grand Mesa. We will be well above average as we begin 2009. If this pattern holds, look for more storminess into early-mid January, then a mid-season melt by late January or February.
Find all the latest weather information, specifically for our trails, here:

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